Saishruthi Krishnaswamy


The Indian Classical Dance is often regarded as a pure form of worship and meditation. The performers of Indian Classical Dance, despite different backgrounds and forms, have played a crucial role in presenting India to the forefront of the World stage. And dedicating herself wholeheartedly to such art is both a service and a pleasure for the young Bharathanatyam dancer Saishruthi Krishnaswamy.

Saishruthi Krishnaswamy, with a solid training in Bharatanatyam of the famed Kalakshetra style under the tutelage of renowned Bharatanatyam Choreographer, Teacher and Performer Guru Smt. Mahalakshmi Ashwin did her arangetram in 2011 at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, continues her journey with her chosen medium of expression and trying to explore the inner meaning and happiness by performing and experimenting wholeheartedly with sincerity.

She is currently pursuing post graduation in the field of Intellectual Property Law in SoEL, The Tamil Nadu Dr.Ambedkar Law University, Chennai started her Natyam journey at the tender age of five and became a part of Tapas Academy for Classical Fine Arts from April 2006.

Saishruthi as a performer has played significant lead roles in almost all of Tapas Academy’s thematic and repertory’s ensemble productions to great acclaim. Saishruthi also had opportunities to perform few of the above mentioned thematic productions along with some of Kalakshetra’s professionals during various other occasions.

She has also performed many solo repertoires in these years in many Natyam Festivals curated by esteemed Sabhas. Apart from performing, Saishruthi is also a seeker of knowledge and is encouraged to attend many workshops and Lecture demonstrations held by the veteran in the field.

Saishruthi was given “Best Performer Award” by Parthasarathy Swamy Sabha in 2016 and etc.