Dr. Rajnandini


Dr. Rajnandini was born in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh on 10th October 1986. From a very young age of 7 years, she started learning the basics of music from her guru Dr. Pushplata Chaturwadi, a lecturer of BAK Inter-College, Moradabad and a reputable classical singer herself. For eight years, Rajnandini has learnt indian classical music from her Guru under the Guru-shishya tradition. Rajnandini’s god given musical gifts meant that she could master the vocal exercise effortlessly from the word go.

At the graduate level as well, Rajnandini chose to learn Music & Literature, topping her University, Rohelkhand University, Bareilly. She went on to complete her M.A. & M.Phil in Hindustani Classical Music from Faculty of Music & Fine Arts, Delhi University. Here again she proved her music prowess by topping the college, Miranda House and the University as well. During this time, she was also honored with the Fellowship Award by University Grants Commission (U.G.C.) under the aegis of National Talent Search Scholarship Programme. Her research during M.Phil pertained to the novel field of study – “Conception of the Moods of Raagas”.

Accompanied by -

[caption id="attachment_3335" align="alignnone" width="202"]Rohit Mistry Rohit Mistry - Tabla[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3336" align="alignnone" width="202"]Shreevats Venkateswaran- Harmonium Shreevats Venkateswaran- Harmonium[/caption]